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August 1, 2018
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August 1, 2018

Top 5 styling tips will make or break your bathroom

A bathroom is not complete until it has been styled. There are so many directions that you can take, but the key in the bathroom is that functionality still needs to take a forefront in design. Whether you have a brand new room or just need a refresh, here are the top 5 accessories that will make or break your bathroom.

If your bathroom has very neutral or muted tones, give the room a pop of colour in your bathroom linen. It’s so easy to stay safe and keep to the same colour palette but you run the risk of your room looking very bland. On the left, we have a beige tile with a brown towel to try and keep in sync with a colour theme whilst on the right we have some patterned towels with a fluorescent trim which really brings character to the space.

What’s the point in having a beautiful bathroom if you can’t see it in all its glory? Bathrooms are a room that need to be able to transform so people will often try to have at least two, three or maybe even four different types on light for one room. If your space gets a lot of daylight then your secondary light may just be downlights for the evening. Or if you like to create some mood lighting for relaxation you may choose candles or a dimmer switch. These days pendant lights are all the rage, being closer to eye level than a ceiling light, they create new depths of interest for the brain.

Big or Small, plants are without a doubt the best way of bringing your bathroom to life. Most commonly you will find a pot plant situated on the vanity, window ledge or shelf. Another way is to bring the outside in, with a big window leading to the plants outside.

Mirrors are an absolutely vital part of your bathroom renovation as they can make a room look bigger as well as being a practical necessity. There are so many types of mirrors out there so don’t hold back – the only rule you have to follow is that the mirror is placed above the vanity for practical reasons. Trends are showing that recessed mirrored cabinets in the bathroom are making a comeback.

When giving renovating your bathroom, it is vital that you remember to give everything a fresh lick of paint. An old door or unpainted ceiling will stand out like a sore thumb. The key is attention to detail to set your renovation ahead of the rest.

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