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August 1, 2018
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Ayden and Jess tell us why they love Highgrove Bathrooms in our 2017 Branding Advert. They soon realised when building their own home, that Highgrove Bathrooms was the best quality bathroom product at a great price. The couple continue to use products from Highgrove in their own build and others. We caught up with them during the filming of this branding advert to chat about their home, renovating and interior design.

A& J’s Update

Q: What have you been doing in the last year?

(Ayden) We’re still doing the house but also been working this year. The house is nearly finished. (Ayden) The house has been on the back burner. (Jess) With any opportunity we get, we’re either painting more, doing retaining walls, grass etc… (Ayden) It’s liveable though!

Q: What do you have left to do?

(Ayden) We’ve just got to skirt up the bathrooms and finish off the painting. Half of the house hasn’t got any timber floors down yet and then just literally paint. Paint skirts, paint archs, paint internal doors. Then we’re done? Oh then the pool.

Q: So when do you think you will be finished?

(Ayden) I reckon July this year. Wait how many months does that give me? (J) I don’t know but I just don’t want to go through another summer without a pool (laughs) (A) 4 months, 4 months I reckon.

Bathroom talk

Q: What’s your favourite part of your new bathroom?

(Jess) Aww favourite part of my new bathroom, I say my bathroom because I did them all! There is so many great parts. We got some taps that I really love and we got our plumber to re-configure them a little bit so instead of them being side by side they are one on top of the other. I love those I think they look really great. (Ayden) I like the shower head. Its just nice to have a big dumper straight over your head. It’s a must.

Q: Now you have renovated on TV and built your own home, what tips can you give to our audience?

(Ayden) I reckon don’t renovate on TV and pay for someone to do it (laughs) (Jess) No there is heaps of tips that we learnt on TV but really I think one thing now that we have built our own house and we’ve moved in unfinished, it slowed us down. I reckon just get in there and do as much as you can, get stuck into it like you are on TV. (laughs) (Ayden) Because as soon as you have moved in, its not as easy.


Q: What steps do you take to manage to fit in your budget?

(Ayden) We made a budget and a list of everything that went together with the house. Then we got all of it quoted and made sure our budget was right. (Jess) We tried to do some smart shopping though. You know there are some things that we originally wanted, huge skirting boards and really ornate architraves and stuff like that. We chose some pieces that were quite expensive so we had to knock back a few things that were expensive. You do have to compromise along the way but also shopping with Highgrove we were able to get some really beautiful pieces that didn’t cost us as much as you would expect.

Part 4 – Good and Bad

Q: What is the most frustrating part of building your own home?

(Jess) The timeframe is the most frustrating thing and I think that everybody would say exactly the same thing. (Ayden) We didn’t have a time frame. (Jess) That was a big problem but also whether you are building for yourself or that you have builders doing it for you, there is always a time problem. (Ayden) It’s the weather you know, we would go by the weather as well.

Q: So have you learnt any new tips in renovating your bathrooms specifically?

(Ayden) Ah, actually we do. (Jess) I really want to mention the tile grate. The fall in the shower is really important and I feel we just got that perfect. The grate we put at the back of the shower which I think is really worth mentioning. A lot of people go to put the grate at the front of the shower and have the floor going towards the room which is crazy so we have put ours at the back of the shower so the fall is going towards the wall so you don’t get any flooding and water out in your rooms and so that was one thing I thought was really huge. (Ayden) All the frame was prefab and when they sent it to us, they didn’t send the frame so the bathrooms were going to be level with the main floor. I ordered some new floor joints which were lower and then when we bedded, when you walk into the bathroom now there is no step so I reckon that is a major, major thing otherwise you have another step up into your bathroom. I just think little details like that make all the difference.

Q: What was the best and worst part of working on a project together?

(Ayden) Being told what to do.

Q: Is that the best part or the worst part? (Jess) That’s the best part! (J) The best part about working together is you get the experience together. It’s a really cool thing to be able to build your own house personally. I don’t know if Ayden’s had the same experience (Ayden) I loved it! (Jess) Every morning we will wake up, look around and just think, ‘WOW, we were able to build this ourselves’ The worst part was the disagreeing so you do have to compromise. (Ayden) A lot of compromise. In the end you are just like I don’t care, you want I will build it. (laughs)


Q: So Jess, you’re obviously into your interior design. What have you found that has been inspiring you recently?

(Jess) There is lots of amazing things that are coming out at the moment. I think leather has been in fashion for a few years now and I still love those beautiful leather chairs with the leather strap arms. I don’t have one myself yet but I really want to get one. I’m a huge fan of brass so we try and incorporate that wherever we can in the house. There’s a few other things but there is a whole world of stuff out there. There’s heaps of artwork that is becoming really trendy that I really love at the moment so its never ending. I can go on and on for ages! But definitely the leather and the brass.

Q: Where do you go to look for inspiration?

(Jess)I go straight to the internet to look for inspiration. I don’t know if that’s the wrong thing to say because I know its really great to see things in person but what I love about the internet is that you can see the whole picture, you can see the whole room. If you go into a retail store and you only see the lounge, not the whole picture.

Q: What was your favourite part about renovating the bathroom?

(Jess) Favourite part about renovating the bathroom is seeing the end result! I just love seeing it all come together. Its so amazing. We’ve put some VJ panelling on the walls which makes beautiful lines on the walls alongside the taps and the basins. It just looks absolutely beautiful. We’ve brought some warmth in with some timber and I just love it, the whole thing.

Highgrove Bathrooms

Q: Tell us what its like to be an ambassador for Highgrove Bathrooms?

(Jess) Awww we love working for Highgrove! It sounds really cheesy but we love the Highgrove team. It’s such a family, we are pretty down to earth type of people and that’s the best thing about working for Highgrove Bathrooms. Products are amazing but the people, yep!

Q: If a customer asked you to recommend one item, what would it be?

(Jess) I want to say the bath. I really love the bath that we have. Its just beautiful and its got that beautiful back on it. (Ayden) I’m going to say the Shower Grates…it’s a tradie thing. (laughs) You need it first. You need to have them sorted from the beginning so you can build your bathroom well.

Q: Finally, any plans for the next year? Do­ you have any other projects coming up?

(Jess) We never have any plans. We never know what is coming. It’s exciting but we are really just going to take it as it comes at the moment. We really have to knuckle down and finish our house. (Ayden) This year the house will be finished. (Jess) Yeah so when that is complete, I feel like we might have more of a plan but for this coming year, we need it finished. (Ayden) But when the house is finished we have the boat to buy, I want a new ute (laughs) (Jess) Ayden is just going to go shopping (laughs) (Ayden) There will be a lot more renos I think but our house has to be done though.

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