Bathroom Renovation Styling Tips
August 1, 2018
Bathroom Talk with Ayden & Jess | Renovating, Budgeting & Interior Design
August 1, 2018

Inside every kitchen there is a sink, some single, shallow, and hands down “dated”. Highgrove Bathroom’s have created a pure design statement for your kitchen with the BURAZZO series, with no compromise on elegance.

Highgrove’s BURAZZO series are crafted from beautiful 1.2mm polished stainless steel, a timeless design element dominating the market. The tight, clean square finish with a 10mm corner radius and 200mm deep bowl, are more than a statement, they are a necessity.

Located at the back on all single bowl models, the sink waste outlet gives a superior look from above and makes for more efficient use of shared cardboard space underneath. Highgrove Bathrooms also backs the quality of their BURAZZO sink range with a seven-year replacement warranty and one-year labour warranty.

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