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August 1, 2018
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August 1, 2018

Have you ever heard banging or squeaky in your pipes?
Have you experienced frequent plumbing problems like burst flexi hoses or pipes?

Chances are your home is suffering with problems from high water pressure.

Australian Standards have a maximum water pressure of 500kPa, however the water you receive may be at a higher pressure rating up to double the standard maximum.

If the issue is not fixed, the problems you could face are:

• Noisy Pipework
• Eroding /Burst Pipes
• Water Wastage
• Void Warranty and Shorten Life of Water Using Appliances –

this may include bathroom or kitchenware as well as washing machines

Needless to say, if any of the above issues occur, it can be very expensive and damaging.

The solution – Installing a PLV or Pressure Limiting Valve

A Pressure Limiting Valve should be installed on the pipework prior to water entering the building – ideally at the water meter or under the house.

A PLV will reduce the water pressure, which in turn will help the longevity of your pipes and water appliances and reduce your water bills.

Highgrove Bathrooms products are built and tested to Australian Standards maximum water pressure of 500kPa. If you live in a high water pressure area, we recommend using a PLV as per the information above. Product warranties may be void if your water pressure is too high, please ensure you used a licenced tradesperson to install any plumbing products.

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