The Harmful Effects of High Water Pressure on Your Home
August 1, 2018

Looking for some handy tips to help you kick start your renovation? From budgets to styling, we have it covered.

Investment property makeover $1-5k – If the aim of the game is to make money, whether it be for sale of your home or rent, it goes without saying to keep the costs down by only replacing what you have and using your existing plumbing configuration.

Family Home Renovation $3-8k – To build a better home for your family would require thought of your future plans; particularly if you have children or elderly in your family. For longevity most people will replace all their products and tiles at one time.

Deluxe Renovation $5-15k
If you’re planning your forever home, you only want the best fittings – premium tapware and solid surface baths are a must. Choose quality tradesman that pay attention to the finer details.

  • $2500 Bath
  • $250 Shower screen
  • $900 Vanity
  • $250 Taps, mixers, wastes
  • $150 Accessories towel rails
  • $200 Lights/exhaust fan
  • $500 Electrician
  • $1350 Plumber
  • $600 Carpenter
  • $600 Plasterer
  • $2000 Tiler
  • $2000 Tiles
  • $350 Waterproofing

Measure once, twice and again for good luck.
Draw out a rough floor plan that includes the measurements of where your current water inlet and outlets are. You should also note on the drawing the height of any pipes in the wall.

Visit our Showrooms – Have a chat with our in-house bathroom specialists who can discuss how to create the bathroom that suits your needs and budget.

Collect Ideas – Renovation shows, magazines and the internet are a great way of getting ideas together. While collecting ideas, bring trades people in to quote the jobs.

The finishing touches –
Get some tradies in to help complete your bathroom. Don’t forget to add some stylish homewares to bring your room to life!

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